Welcome to Adventure Time Answers. What would you like to know?

As part of Adventure Time Wiki, the answers portal is subject to all relevant Adventure Time Answers policies. There are several additional guidelines to be kept in mind:

Asking questions

  • All questions must be about Adventure Time.
    • If you wish to rephrase your question, go back to the page of your question and edit it rather than to ask a new question.
    • Be as clear and to the point as possible.
  • Asking the following types of questions should be avoided:
    • Questions that are inappropriate — Any questions that contain rude, offensive, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate language will be deleted on sight by the administrators and will result in your account being blocked.
    • Questions about the future of the series — We cannot predict what will happen, so we can only state what has happened in the course of the series.
    • Questions about why certain events didn't happen in the series — These are only questions the creators can answer.
    • Duplicate questions or questions that have been asked multiple times before — Use the search bar at the right of your screen or search FAQs to see if your question already exists.
    • Questions that are unanswerable or questions whose answers do not have any information to support them.
    • Opinion-based questions — This site is only for providing fact-based answers.
    • Questions regarding comparisons between characters from other series. These are not entirely related to Avatar. Real life comparisons, however, are permitted.

Questions that do not comply with policy should be marked for deletion using the Template:Tl template and deleted by the administrators of the Answers portal.

Answering questions

  • Answer a question according to the rules of standard English. Every name, location, and title should be capitalized.
  • Answer the question calmly and in a civil manner, no matter what you think of it or the character the question is about; rude, offensive, or inappropriate language must be avoided. Do not attack people for asking a certain question or giving a certain answer.
  • Do not delete another user's answer unless it is inappropriate, inaccurate, or identical to the first answer given.
  • Answers should be objective and based upon facts and information that can be proved. Do not answer based on personal opinions and speculation.
  • When answering a question that asks for an opinion, stick as close to the canon information and proven facts as possible. Do not indulge in crack theories, fan fiction or opinions and state in the answer that it is speculative due to above reasons. Your arguments should at all times be well formulated and based on clearly stated, provable and rational arguments.
  • Categorize the answered question in the appropriate and relevant categories.
  • If you see a question that does not adhere to the policies for asking questions, mark it for deletion using the {{delete}} template.
  • When joining a discussion:
    • Follow the generally accepted format. Separate each other's answers by adding <hr />.
    • Join the discussion at the bottom of the page.
    • Do not edit other people's contributions.

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